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You are excitedly planning and arranging all the pieces of the puzzle that fit together to make your perfect wedding, you have chosen your venue, dress, and cake and now looking to add the extra touches to make the day unforgettable.

When it comes to your wedding entertainment, finding something that appeals to a wide range of ages, backgrounds and even cultures can be a challenge. You don’t need to worry when booking Nick as he guarantees to have your guests laughing and amazed raising the energy of the room, relieving you of any worries in this department and providing everyone with everlasting, enduring and fond memories.

Thank you for the fantastic magic you did at our wedding. To say it was a talking point is an understatement – people are ringing us up asking about it still – how you did it and where did we find you? It must give you great pleasure to absolutely stun people – particularly the cynics out there! We have never seen anything quite like it and think neither had our guests. We had a fantastic day, and you were part of that so thank you.Fiona & Neil (Private Wedding - Watford)

Making Yours The Most Memorable Wedding

Magic Circle Magician Nick has created memorable moments at wedding receptions for more than 20 years; a favourite of brides and grooms who understand that the small touches can make a considerable impact, ensuring your big day is even more magical.

As your wedding is as unique as you, Nick will be delighted to discuss the experiences available adding priceless moments to the entire day.

Wedding entertainment can sometimes be overlooked however surveys taken after ceremonies reveal that it was the thing 80% of guests remembered the most and the one item brides wished they had made a higher priority.

By investing in party magician Nick today you are ensuring that your wedding has even more happiness, joy and laughter making yours the ‘talked about’ day.

London Magician Nick Reade
Thank you so very much for providing such wonderful entertainment for our guests and us at our wedding reception. Everyone we spoke to was astounded by the illusions you performed, and from the young children through to the elderly grandparents, everyone was highly entertained.Joanne & Christopher (The Glasshouse - Southend)

Wedding Magician London Nick Provides the Following Solutions to Accommodate Any Wedding Design

Essex Wedding Magician Nick Reade

Photos, Canapés & Cocktails

The most popular time that Nick is invited to perform, the initial reception period is usually a special moment for you to have photographs taken. Naturally, there will be an element of waiting for many guests, and couples correctly identify this as an ideal time for Nick to CIRCULATE, creating talking points, producing laughter.

Thank you for performance at our wedding. It was brilliant and so many people have commented to us afterwards how entertaining you were. I hope it wasn’t too annoying that I was grabbing you to see certain people during the evening!Dawn Williams (Roachford Hotel)
Nick Reade - Wedding Magician in London

Your Wedding Breakfast

While you enjoy your breakfast, Nick can socialise with your guests performing exciting close-up magic: you’ll be able to feel the room energised with laughter and anticipation.

  • Ideal for different age groups.
  • Provides perfect conversation pieces.
  • Works for all social backgrounds.
  • Interactive entertainment with many guests.
  • Personalised memorable, magical momento for the both of you.
A big Thank You for your magic at our wedding reception. Everyone was most impressed and you really added something special to our day.Gayner & Patrick (Furze Hill)
London Magician Nick Reade at Private Party

Evening Reception

Speeches and the dinner service often run behind schedule, with new guests arriving Nick will use his charm and magical skills to make sure they are welcomed and not left politely waiting around. With a rapport already established with the afternoon guests, you will see them continue to gather round Nick happy for the evening celebrations to commence.

Just a quick note from Italy where we are finally reflecting and taking in what a wonderful wedding we had. Thank you for helping to make it so magical! You were such a hit with all our family and friends.Ange & Mike (Mile End Ecology Pavilion)

With your wedding day being such an important part of your life, Nick would be delighted to discuss with you the various options available especially for you and provide his distinctive magic for the uniquely distinctive couple!

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London Wedding Magician Nick Reade Amazes the Beautiful Bride

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